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JR Channel Expander

Product Variants

Product Number: ZZJRPA905

Channel Xpander

Key Features

  • Allows operation of four servos from a single channel
  • Great for scale and sport applications
  • Each servo can be individually adjusted


Do you need an extra channel, but not a new radio? JR's new Channel Xpander lets modelers control up to 4 servos from a single channel.

Scale modelers can use it to activate lights, wheel brakes or open canopies. Sport and Aerobatic modelers will find it useful for activating smoke systems and deploying flaps. While it is non-proportional, the Channel Xpander allows modelers to adjust the activation and end points of each servo individually, as well as reverse direction. The unit is powered through the regular receiver pack, but can be powered separately with its own battery pack to keep current drain on the receiver pack to a minimum.