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Hacker Super Zoom RACE ARF Violet(HAC170

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Product Number: HAC1700V

Hacker Super Zoom RACE ARF Violet(HAC1700V)
Well known aerobatic model in the new version in attractive color variations with a larger ailerons area, larger side flat fuselage and Side Force Generators (SFG). Shock concept, a symmetrical airfoil and the overall geometry of the model make the Super Zoom Race powerful model for flying extreme acrobatics. The main parts of the model are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which provides excellent resistance for the flying plane and during small crashes. The model is equipped with a carbon landing gear.

Items Needed To Complete: 4 Channel RC set, 4 microservos 9g No.HC4301, electric motor MASTER FORCE 2826CA-15 No.HC3506, controller MC-12A No.HC3365, Accu pack LiPol 3S 610-1300mAh, prop spinner 28 mm No.HC5320, propeller 9/4,7 -10/4,7 No.HC5421, thin CA Glue with Activator.

Engineering characteristic

 Weight: from 390g
 Wingspan: 1000mm
 Lenght: 995mm
 RC: 4
 Motor: MFORCE 2826CA-15