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Phoenix Geninsis 45-55 ARF

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    The most successful aircraft in air racing history. Phoenix proudly introduces the Genesis .46-.55 a quick to assemble, sport scale version for 50 sized power plants that is ready for high speeds and good flight performance.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 1533mm (60.35in)
- Length: 1310mm (51.57 in)
- Flying weight: 2.8-3.2 kg
- Wing area: 29 dm2
- Wing loading: 105g/dm2
- Wing type: Naca airfoils
- Covering type: Genuine ORACOVER®
- Gear type: Mechanic retract With CNC Suspension Metal Struts and spring tail gear (included)
- Spinner size: Plastic 70mm (included)
- Radio: 6 channel minimum (not included)
- Servo: 5 standard servo: 2 aileron; 1 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle and 2 servo retract Futaba S3170G (not included)
- Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 800-1200mAh NiMH (not included)
- Servo mount: 21mm x 42 mm
- Propeller: suit with your engine
- Engine: .46-.55 / 2-stroke or .52/4-stroke glow engine (not included)
- Motor: brushless outrunner 1000-1400 W, 480 KV (not included)
- Gravity CG: 65mm (2.6 in) Back from  the leading edge of the wing, at the fuselage
- Control throw Ailerons: Low: 8mm up/down, 10% expo; High: 10mm up/down, 10% expo
- Control throw Elevators: Low: 8mm up/down, 12% expo; High: 10mm up/down, 12% expo
- Control throw Rudder: Low: 20mm right/left, 15% expo; High: 30mm right/left, 15% expo
- Experience level: Intermediate
- Plane type: Scale Civilian
- Motor: RIMFIRE .46-.55 (not included)
- Lipo cell: 4- 6 cells / 4000 – 5500mAh (not included)
- Esc: 50-80A (not included)


- Designed for compability with both GP and EP flight
- Covered in genuine ORACOVER®
- Super Finishing Fiber Glass Cowl
- Attractive Scale Colour Scheme
- Mechanical retract With CNC Suspension Metal Struts included
- Standard Installation For Engines With Muffler
- Removable Top Hatch Makes Flight Battery Installation Easy for Electric Power Option
- Factory Painted and Detailed Canopy
- Plug in Wings for Convenient Transportation and Storage