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Kyosho Mini Z

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Product Number: ZZKYMZ
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Kyosho Mini-Z MR-015 (#30376MB) Alfa 156 GTA

  • MR-015 RM Chassis

  • Mini-Z Racer MR-015
  • Painted Body
  • Wheel-type PERFEX 2ch Radio
  • 4 Different size piniongears

    Base on the experience of Ver. 1 Mini-z, Kyosho design and release Ver. 2 Mini-z MR-015 into market now! The chassis is redesigned, the axis is lower.

  • Removal of a C-ring allows the kingpin, coil spring, as well as the tie-rods to be easily removed or attached
  • Feature swing-type T-bar rear suspension system.
  • One-piece high frequency FET amp and receiver unit is internally mounted. Compact, ultra-low chassis delivers maximum running performance
  • The culmination of cutting-edge technologies! First-ever palmtop-sized R/C racing machine with genuine performance.
  • Factory-assembled chassis and pre-painted body. Just install dry batteries (not included), and you'll be ready to run in race.
  • Up to 12 cars can run simultaneously with the high-efficiency FET speed control amplifer and narrow band receiver.
  • A varity of optional parts allows perfect tuning-up.

    Palm-sized performers
    you can race anywhere-even on a table!!

    The Mini-Z Racer isn't simply a small scale model...
    it's a breakthrough in R/C racing technology!

    Type RM/RML

  • Length: 94mm
    -Wheel (L)
    -Radstand (L)
    -Empattement (L)
    -Distancia entre ejes (L)

  • Kingpin and coil provide optimal front suspension geometry for super-effective damping.
  • Enjoy run times approx about one hour with only four ordinary "AAA" dry alkaline batteries!
  • Receiver with efficient, FET high-frequency amplifier allows precise run times.
  • 130-class motor provides high speeds and powerful acceleration.

    Gloss-coated body:

  • Offer a higher gloss than found on current bodies.
  • Provides long-lasting beauty with minimal care.
  • Gloss Coat protects the body paint and decals.
  • Coating adheres so securely that your body can last nearly forever.
  • In collisions, Gloss Coat prevents your model from leaving paint marks on the other vehicles.
  • Gloss Coat hides minor imperfections and prolongs the brightness of paint colors.
  • Gloss Coat film's hardness increases the stiffness of the body.
  • Edge lines around decals disappear, improving your model's scale appearance.