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Hangar9 Cessna 182 Skylane 95 ARF

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Product Number: ZZHAN1875
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Cessna 182 Skylane 95" ARF

Key Features

  • Modeled after the 2000 version of the Cessna 182
  • Functioning scale flaps for great scale looks and slow landings
  • Pre-painted fiberglass cowl/pants and parts
  • Covered in genuine Ultracote
  • 2-piece, plug-in wing on an aluminum wing tube for easy transport


For nearly half a century, the Cessna Skylane 182 has been one of the world’s most popular high-performance single-engine airplanes. Elegant in appearance and versatile in use, ranging from commercial flight to skydiving to cross-country transport, Cessna has refined and enhanced the Skylane over the decades into the "SUV of the Airways," a powerful, classy ride that works hard during the week and plays hard on weekends. With its powerful engine, comfortable interior and exemplary safety record, the Skylane is the cream of the crop for casual flyers.

Now you can experience the spirit of the Cessna in this giant-scale dream, Hangar 9’s 1.50-sized replica of the real thing. The new Cessna Skylane 182 ARF, based on the most recent version of the Skylane, is an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-fly blast for any pilot interested in large-scale flight. Functioning scale flaps make takeoffs and landings a breeze. Factory-created scale detail like the corrugated control surfaces and strut fairings are realistically rendered. Its authentic Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering supplies a superior sheen. And the convenient two-piece plug-in wing makes this 95-inch giant a cinch to transport and quickly assemble.

*Scale prop not included.


  • Trimscheme Colors:HANU870 White
  • Wingspan:94.75 in (2406 mm)
  • Overall Length:76.75 in (1949 mm)
  • Wing Area:1246 sq in (80.39 dm²)
  • Flying Weight:16.5 - 18.5 lb (7.48 - 8.22 kg)
  • Engine Size:1.20-2.10 (2-stroke), 1.50-2.00 (4-stroke), 23-26cc (Gas)
  • Radio:5 channels
  • Servos:8
  • Trim Scheme Colors:HANU870 White
  • Prop Size:Follow engine recommendations