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Needed To Complete 6+ channel DSM2/DSMX programmable transmitter LiPo flight battery Battery charger
E Flite UMX MIG-15 28mm EDF Jet BNF Basic w/AS3X
Product #: EFLU6050
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX Gee Bee R-2 BNF Basic w/AS3X/SAFE
Product #: EFLU6150
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5850
R3 964,00

E Flite UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic with AS3X/SAFE
Product #: EFLU5950
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX Timber BNF Basic (EFLU3950)
Product #: EFLU3950
R3 699,00

E Flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic, 700mm
Product #: EFLU6950
R3 694,00

E Flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic ,342mm
Product #: EFLU6450
R2 960,00

E Flite UMX Cessna 182 BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5650
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5550
R3 220,00

E Flite UMX J-3 Cub BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU3450
R3 330,00

E Flite UMX Pitts S-1S BNF Basic with AS3X
Product #: EFLU5250
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX P3 Revolution BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5050
R3 707,00

E Flite UMX F4F Wildcat BNF Basic (EFLU3650)
Product #: EFLU3650
R3 418,00