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E Flie Timber X 1.2m PNP
Product #: EFL3875
R5 843,00
R4 315,00

E Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m BNF Basic w/AS3X/SAVE
Product #: EFL12450
R11 505,00

E Flite F-4 Phantom II 80mm EDF BNF Basic w/AS3X
Product #: EFL7950
R13 379,00

E Flite Mini Convergence VTOL BNF Basic 410mm
Product #: EFL9350
R3 369,00

E Flite P-51D Mustang 1.5m BNF Basic
Product #: EFL01250
R12 885,00

E Flite Twin Otter BNF Basic w/AS3X,SAFE + Floats
Product #: EFL30050
R5 991,00

E Flite UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic with AS3X/SAFE
Product #: EFLU5950
R3 436,00

E Flite UMX PT-17BNF w/AS3X 388mm
Product #: EFLU3080
R2 704,00

E Flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic, 700mm
Product #: EFLU6950
R3 694,00

E Flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic ,342mm
Product #: EFLU6450
R2 960,00

E Flite V-22 Osprey VTOL BNF Basic
Product #: EFL9650
R5 062,00

E FliteExtra 300 D 1.3m BNF Basic w/AS3X  & SAFE
Product #: EFL11550
R7 960,00

E Flite Opterra 2m Wing BNF Basic
Product #: EFL11150
R6 060,00

E Flite UMX Cessna 182 BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5650
R3 436,00

E Flite Allusive 2.2m ARF
Product #: EFL4925
R6 291,00

E Flite PA-20 Pacer 10e ARF
Product #: EFL2790
R3 981,00

E Flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU5550
R3 220,00

E Flite Carbon-Z P2 Prometheus PNP
Product #: EFL10975
R8 304,00

Product #: EFL5275
R5 518,00
R4 460,00

E Flite UMX J-3 Cub BNF Basic
Product #: EFLU3450
R3 330,00

E Flite UMX Pitts S-1S BNF Basic with AS3X
Product #: EFLU5250
R3 436,00

E Flite Valiant 1.3m BNF Basic
Product #: EFL4950
R4 791,00

E FliteA Leader 480 ARF
Product #: EFL3000
R3 420,00

E FliteA Shoestring 15e ARF
Product #: EFL4205
R4 181,00

E FliteA Taylorcraft 450 ARF
Product #: EFL2625
R3 436,00

E Flite Valiant 1.3m PNP
Product #: EFL4975
R3 659,00

E Flite UMX F4F Wildcat BNF Basic (EFLU3650)
Product #: EFLU3650
R3 418,00

E Flite UMX Timber BNF Basic (EFLU3950)
Product #: EFLU3950
R3 699,00

E Flite F4U-4 Corsair 1.2m BNF Basic
Product #: EFL8550
R6 961,00

E Flite UMX Radian BNF
Product #: EFLU2980
R2 434,00

E Flite Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2m BNF Basic
Product #: EFL8650
R6 961,00

E Flite P-47 Razorback 1.2m BNF Basic
Product #: EFL8450
R6 961,00

E Flite Maule M-7 PNP
Product #: EFL5375
R6 606,00

E Flite Turbo Timber 1.5m PNP, Inc FLOATS
Product #: EFL15275
R6 285,00
R4 745,00