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Blade FBL BL 3-in-1 Control Unit, Rx/ESC/Gyros
Product #: BLH3901
R 1 510,00

Blade Main Gear BMSR/MCP X BL
Product #: BLH3506
R 80,00

E Flite Blade Servo Pushrod Set mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3508
R 135,00

E Flite Celectra 2S 7.4V DC Li-po Charger
Product #: EFLUC1007
R 705,00

E Flite Li-Po 7.4V 200mAh 30C
Product #: EFLB2020030
R 320,00

Spectrum Replacement Servo Mechanics:2.3gram 20
Product #: SPM6836
R 225,00
R 170,00

Blade Solid Tail Boom: mCPX BL
Product #: BLH3902S
R 160,00

Blade Brushless Tail Motor: mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3904
R 450,00

Blade Main Frame w/Hardware: mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3906
R 170,00

Blade Landing Skid and Battery Mount: mCPX
Product #: BLH3905
R 115,00

Blade Fast Flight Main Rotor Blade Set w/Har
Product #: BLH3907
R 215,00

Blade High-performance Main Rotor Blade w/Ha
Product #: BLH3908
R 215,00

Blade Hi-Performance Main Blade (Green) mCPX BL
Product #: BLH3908GR
R 215,00

Blade Stock Canopy: mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3909
R 290,00

Blade Optional Canopy: mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3909O
R 290,00

Blade Feathering Spindle w/O-Rings, Bushings
Product #: BLH3911
R 130,00

Blade Main Shaft Carbon Fiber w/Collar & Har
Product #: BLH3913
R 215,00

Blade Precision Swashplate Complete mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3914
R 275,00

Blade Rotor Head Linkage Set (8): mCPX BL
Product #: BLH3916
R 65,00