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Blade Carry Case w/Display Window mCP X
Product #: BLH3548
R 695,00

Spectrum Replacement Servo Mechanics:1.9
Product #: SPM6833
R 285,00

Blade Long Tail Boom Assembly mCP X/2
Product #: BLH3602L
R 320,00

Blade Main Motor w/Pinion mCP X
Product #: BLH3503
R 325,00

Blade Landing Skid & Batt Mount mCPx
Product #: BLH3504
R 120,00

Blade Main Frame w/Hardware mCPX (BLH3505)
Product #: BLH3505
R 170,00

Blade Main Gear BMSR/MCP X BL
Product #: BLH3506
R 80,00

E Flite Blade Servo Pushrod Set mCP X BL
Product #: BLH3508
R 135,00

E Flite Blade Swashplate mCPX
Product #: BLH3509
R 275,00

E Flight Blades Hi-Performance mCP X
Product #: BLH3510
R 215,00

Blade Spindle Shaft mCP X
Product #: BLH3513
R 130,00

E Flite Blade Canopy Red w/Tail fin
Product #: BLH3518
R 255,00

Blade Rotor Head Linkage Set mCP X
Product #: BLH3522
R 65,00

Blade Hardware Set mCP X
Product #: BLH3523
R 55,00

E Flite Blade Tail Boom Assy w/Tail Moto
Product #: BLH3602
R 299,00

Blade Tail Rotor MCP X/V2/Nano CP S
Product #: BLH3603
R 45,00

Charge Adaptor 4 x 3.7v for UM
Product #: K109
R 180,00