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Dynam Detrum Gavin-6ch Radio+7ch Receiver
Product #: DYT001
R1 590,00

Dynam Detrum Gavin-8ch Radio + 8ch Receiver
Product #: DYT007
R1 999,00

FlySky FS-i10 10channel 2.4Ghz AFHDS
Product #: FSI10
R4 055,00

Spectrum DX6 Transmitter ONLY
Product #: SPMR6750R
R4 155,00

Spectrum DX6e 6-channel DSMX Transmitter Only
Product #: SPMR6650
R2 490,00

Spectrum DX8 Gen2 DSMX 8ch Transmitter
Product #: SPMR8000R
R5 660,00

Spectrum DX8e 8-ch Transmitter Only
Product #: SPMR8100
R3 250,00

Spectrum DX9 9-channel DSMX Transmitter ONLY
Product #: SPMR9900R
R7 725,00

Spectrum iX12 Android power Intelligent Transmitter
Product #: SPMR12000
R11 500,00

Spektrum DX5 Rugged DSMR Tx with SR515 Rx
Product #: SPMR5200
R5 315,00

FS Fly 2ch Radio with Receiver 2.4Ghz (E)
Product #: FSGT2E

FS Fly 3ch 2.4Ghz Radio (C)
Product #: FSGT3C
R1 190,00

FlySky I-6X Radio set
Product #: FSI6X
R1 350,00

Spectrum DXe Transmitter ONLY
Product #: SPMR1000R
R1 090,00

Spektrum NX6 6-channel Transmitter only
Product #: SPMR6775
R6 715,00