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E Flite UMX Timber BNF Basic (EFLU3950)
Product #: EFLU3950
R3 699,00

Graupner Husky 1800s with FLOATS
Product #: STM015
R4 270,00

Hacker Floats Fibreglass 1020mm
Product #: HAC1804
R1 710,00

E Flite Floats Fibreglass ARF for 25e
Product #: EFLA500
R2 704,00

E Flite Float Set: UMX Carbon Cub
Product #: EFLUA1190

E Flite Float Set:Apprentice S 15e
Product #: EFLA550
R1 474,00

HobbyZone Floats Cub LP
Product #: HBZ7390

Hangar9 Floats 46 Cub
Product #: HAN4015
R3 920,00

Hangar9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF
Product #: HAN5065
R8 999,00

Hangar9 Float Set 1/5-Scale
Product #: HAN6030
R5 724,00

Hangar9 Super Cub PA-18  1/4 scale ARF
Product #: HAN4540
R13 950,00

Seagull Funky Cub 10-15cc ARF Floating YELLOW
Product #: SG200
R3 750,00

Seagull Funky Cub 10-15cc Floating RED ARF
Product #: SG199
R3 750,00

ST Models Cessna 182  PNP with Floats
Product #: STM003
R3 495,00

ST Models SeeWind EP PNP
Product #: STM009
R2 590,00

Seagull Glasair Sport 91-120 ARF 1.8m
Product #: SG164
R4 571,00

Haoye Floats 40 ARF
Product #: HAO13A1801

Haoye Floats 60
Product #: HAO13A1803

Hacker Floats Foam 450mm (zoom)
Product #: HAC1807

HackerF Floats 350mm
Product #: HAC1810

E Flite Turbo Timber 1.5m PNP, Inc FLOATS
Product #: EFL15275
R6 285,00
R4 745,00